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Tu Tu Cookies Bundle

Hop into the Year of the Rabbit with these ‘adora-bunny’ Tu Tu Pineapple Tarts 兔兔凤梨酥 (300g)! Lunar New Year is all about “Ong Lai” – prosperity is arriving – and auspicious pineapple goodies are well-loved by many for its traditional significance and indulgent goodness. A pocket-friendly favourite, go for the Traditional Pineapple Tarts 吉祥凤梨酥 (280g) that are a quintessential festive must-have too. Fragrant, buttery and crisp, these delectable morsels of Pandan Butter Cookies 福气斑兰牛油饼 (210g) and aromatic Coffee Butter Cookies 迎春咖啡牛油饼 (250g) are sure to delight at every table! Best enjoyed with a cup of hot tea.

Tu Tu Pineapple Tarts 兔兔凤梨酥 $15.80/bottle

Traditional Pineapple Tarts 吉祥凤梨酥 $13.80/bottle

Pandan Butter Cookies 福气斑兰牛油饼 $13.80/bottle

Coffee Butter Cookies 迎春咖啡牛油饼 $13.80/bottle

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